Re-naming of prospects on Licence P1989 Block 14/11, 12, 16 ‘Partridge & Crow’ prospects

In keeping with our traditional Bermudan Island naming formula, we have re-named our prospects on the P1989 licence we acquired at the end of last year.

Formerly ‘Homer’ and ‘Washington’ the newly named prospects ‘Partridge’ and ‘Crow’ are located within the Jura Basin of the UK Outer Moray Firth, with 196MMboe recoverable resources.

‘Partridge’ is a Large Lower Cretaceous oil prone combination trap, adjacent to Scapa and Athena field analogues.   The Lower Cretaceous Scapa Sandstone Formation is the primary reservoir in the ‘Partridge’ prospect.  The Scapa Formation is a proven oil prone reservoir at both the nearby Scapa and Athena fields and consists of locally sourced deepwater mass flow deposits. Reservoir quality is typically very good in the area.

The ‘Crow’ prospect is reservoired in the Upper Jurassic Piper Formation and consists of a large fault-bound structural nose to the north east of ‘Partridge’.

Crow Partridge 3D_v2_FINAL