Our Assets

P1763 ‘Agar-Plantain’

Area South Viking Graben
Block(s) 9/9d & 9/14a
AZC Interest 50%
Partners Apache (op)
Acquired Farm-in (Oct 2014)
Well Commitment n/a
Status Well planned for Q3 2018

Azinor Catalyst made the Eocene Agar oil discovery in 2014 with well 9/14a-15A, which encountered a 33ft oil-down-to in high quality Eocene Frigg Formations sands.

The illumination of this material discovery is only possible on new 3D broadband (Geostreamer) seismic data. The company has been able to utilise this high quality seismic data, in conjunction with advanced quantitative interpretation techniques, to delineate the Agar discovery and significantly de-risk the material Plantain prospect.

A well is planned for 2017 to appraise the Agar discovery and down-dip potential of the Plantain prospect.