Our Assets

P2172 ‘Inner Pear’

Area Outer Moray Firth
Block(s) 20/8c & 20/9d
AZC Interest 100% (op)
Partners n/a
Acquired 28th Round (Dec 2014)
Well Commitment Drill-or-Drop well
Status Work programme currently ongoing

The licence is on trend with the world class Buzzard oil field and adjacent to the Marten and Polecat discovers. The main focus on the licence is the ‘Inner Pear’ discovery made by well 20/8-2 well in 1982. Strong oil shows and saturation were encountered in Upper Jurassic Buzzard sands with the accumulation mapped out as a large combination structural stratigraphic trap.

The committed work programme comprises obtaining and reprocessing 3D seismic data and undertaking additional geotechnical studies. The company will be seeking partners to join in the drilling of an appraisal well  to further delineate the ‘Inner Pear’’ accumulation.